80ate U
U lyrics

» Verse 1 «

I'm in a blacked out car with blacked our guys
And enterprise when a nigga wants to act surprised
It’s in his eyes I can see the lies moving around
He’s on the ground once I put him down
Talk to me now
I pull guns out on all of these niggas that’s testing me
I’m praying to the lord he’s the one that’s been blessing me
And I need a prayer from all the them niggas over there
And I can’t bare to ask my Aunt Clare for more clues
Them niggas hate niggas cause they a blue
I’m only stating facts when the niggas they say they a rouge
I’m so rude, i come in quick and and so smooth like a fucking interlude
A nigga with a tude, Youtube I film it
You chasing for the clout you about the other route
No doubt that I’m best, you rest in peace now, preach peace
Praise god you niggas lost
I found faith and I feel safe you niggas racking out to get to packing out Pacquiao!

» Bridge «

Where there is a will
There is a way
To Search and discover a Better Day
Where a positive heart is all you need to rise beyond
And succeed
Where young mind grow and respect each other based on their deeds and not their color
When times are dim
Say as I say..
"Where there is a will
There is a way!"

» Verse 2 «

I’m a thug
Pacs the plug
Pacs the thug
50 niggas on his stomach blood
So much blood that I’m studying my PhD
Become a Dr. on the stage like I’m D.R.E
And true say a nigga cray when it comes to my shit
I take an E and flip it backwards on my Eminem shit
And I’m a Good Kid just learning how To Pimp a Butterfly
And I’m fly like a flying fly in sky and I don't know why that I’m
Analytically lyrically
A nigga wanna beat me to the top just to finish me
And I’m about to take my music back to the history
The history of Pac and that’s a fact that I’m meant to be
I’m meant too be the greatest in making
I’m shaking like Ali
Drop a bomb on it flex
I’m tryna flex like it’s complex
It’s complex a nigga flex on flex and he’s vexed on a livestream while he’s streaming tears, see my tears
Fear the wrath of the great call me 808
I make you feel like you're the bait in the sea of the great
Wait! wait! wait!
Take the 0 out the 8 and that’s your score before you try and come at me you're a bore

» Bridge 2 «

I know my heart has lied before
But now it speaks with honesty
Of an invisible bond of friendship
That was formed in secrecy

» Verse 2 «

No fear!
I hit 'em up like I'm clear
You niggas fear that I'm the greatest in the making this year
You gon' be on loving Hip-Hop, now that’s Cole bar
I’m dreaming like im dreaming on signining to dreamville (bar!)
You're so far you ain’t in reaching distance no more
It’s insane
I’m like a bolt so nigga call me Usain
Anurism like you fell over and fell on your brain and it’s a shame a nigga thought you was sain
Now "Dear Mama" your son is in a coma, a different kinda coma, a coma that will make you make your comas coma have coma
He thought he could pass the 808 on track
He thought that he was quicker that was all cause he black
He thought that all before the nigga thought he could slack
He heard my music and it was wack so *click clack* went my gun
I shotted him down for fun and I run all the way to the top 'till my time stop on my clock

» Bridge 3 «

Can you see the pride in the Panther
As he grows in splendor and grace
Toppling obstacles placed in the way
Of the progression of his race
(Wakanda forever!)
Can you see the pride in the Panther
As she nurtures her young all alone
The seed must grow regardless
Of the fact that it is planted in stone
(Wakanda forever!)
Can you see the pride in the Panther
As they unify as one
The flower blooms with brilliance
And outshines the rays of the sun

» Outro «

Let everybody out there know
All you mother fuckers that thought you was gonna bury me
Thought you was gonna silence me
Let you mother fuckers know, I'm back!
Welcome to Death Row