Dakkari Ratpiss
RATPISS lyrics

» Verse 1: Finn Trevino «

It's the black Jeffrey Dahmer
Call Obama and his mama
'Cause we found two niggas with more terror than Osama
Save the drama for your mama
Because Dakk is mowing lawns
To get his fucking cheddar up to go and cop some marijuana
Yes, I'm hotter than pajamas in Bahamas
Riding llamas with your mama
I'm the bomb like praising Allah in a choppa (ALLAHU AKBAR!!)
And I'm hotter than a sauna with Lana Rhoades and hoes
But it's time to hand it off like jerking off without a condom
Kill 'em, D

» Verse 2: Dakkari «

I'm so fucked that Iyanla can't fix my life
Re-gifting it like a prize
I'm attacking it like a C-5
I'm just gonna improvise, and to my very surprise
They're dressed in all disguise
Hiding from paparazzi
Follow like they a Nazi, and all of y'all wanna watch mе
Smoking gas like a jew, let all thе bad bitches top me
Get marked like a tattoo, eating zucker, wearing burgundy
In Germany, all the fine bitches curving me, yeah
Go check my courtesy
Like, what have you heard of me?
Call of Duty opps murking me

» Verse 3: Finn Trevino «

Bitch I'm stronger than Hercules
Gripping girlies assertively
'Till they scream "Yo Herc, bro your fingers are hurting me!"
So nigga what is you serving me? um
See, I'm a person determined to make a mess of these curtains
Because the building is burning from all the words that I'm spurtin
And now its time for the turning of my verse
I need to tell the truth 'cause nigga, I'm hurt
They think I'm lying or kidding
That I am lion, not kitten
All of high school my teachers always bid me good riddance
And now I'm digging and fishing
For compliments, and I'm wishing
That somebody on the internet would pay me attention
I never did me the dishes, I always sat in detention
So when I write my raps, I write like I am travelling missions
I'm all gas, no emissions
I'm in my lane, but I'm switching
Shooting shots and I'm swishing
So shut your mouth if you bitching

» Bridge: Dakkari «

Alright second-
Second take for this

» Verse 4: Dakkari «

Bad assassin that stabs cab drivers then puts the gas in
The track so heat I don't even need any vaseline
Now I'm gonna catch your team
Tripping over acid, lean
I'm just an angsty teen, hiding in bushes while I'm baking beans
I murdered two and a half men
Fuck Charlie Sheen
I'm making music while y'all sit in your room to make sorry memes
Sucking peens like a fucking [BEEP] that can hardly speak
While y'all faking on SC I'm out here doing gnarly things
I'm jacking off, eating candy and watching "Harvey Beaks"
Its just a part of me that views the light inside the star you see
Bumble like a bee and mumble when they start to talk to me
Fumble the ball across the yard line when the score's 9-3
Fuck the others, I'm just here to get the upper-
Cut, like a fucking scissor when Alabama dykes in their sister
If your offended, its clear that I don't give a fuck
Barking like a dog, you're a squirrel climbing just to get the nut
Throw your hats in a bunch, how much cap you serve for lunch?
Black girls got the bubble butt
Don't give a fuck, go and tell Gayle King that she fucking sucks
Hard work, y'all a bunch of luck
Like March 17th, you midgets over here smelling butts
Hit Taylor Swift in her cunt
Kicking Gunna in his gut
Mopping thee floor like Golf whenever I fucking putt
I'm a king, call me tut
Lying like I'm fucking Duck
Now I'm making minimum wage making fucking brunch
Fuck your girl without a rubber
Now I'm gonna make her suffer
Deliver like a listener, when she is my prisoner
I'll stick with her, I'm not a fucking devil call me Lucifer
I'm not gonna loosen her
Manslaughter, whenever I beam her, it's vehicular
See her escape, I'm pissed at her
Looking for her everywhere
Under the table, now I grab her, hand her off to Christopher