Dax Still D R E Remix
Still D.R.E. Remix lyrics

Mental gymnastics I’m making these words flip
Your vert a brake when I open and slip the disk
Chiropractically not made to withstand the force of my hits
So when they breaking down the bars they think I ain’t saying shit
This is mathematics
You can add me, not subtract me
I’m divisible by two if a label wanna half me (have me)
The first half is lyrical infused with insanity
The second is the vocals and I do that uncanny
Unsigned hype
Climbing up a mountain, I'm due for some barq if these niggas tryna bite (Woof!)
Coked up thinking that I needa take lines
You gotta D on the test 'cause you'rе way past prime
That’s a fail, practically an F and shoutout to that man I'm a fan of success
Relatability is mе and something I respect
So in that case NF will still pass the test
It's Dax
Fuck you people tryna play me like I’m not in style
My greatest hits a double every album you compile
I’m running game smoking track like a black n' mile
And picking up this generation calling from a pocket dial
They say that rap changed
Wanna delete me but I cap space, then enter to a whole new data page
My bars alone a span-spain and bring rap back to the classics and the lyricism golden age
They know it’s real
Refuse to respect it
I’m underrated but was chosen due to natural selection
Competition isn’t something that I see I direct it
Then go to war with the person that I see in reflections
Still breaking every bracket
My cheddar bobs weaves taxes like I’m B Rabbit
Popping Docs writing word classics
My punchlines 8 Miles
If they do not understand it it's longer than they comprehension
Not to mention
My independency has been ignored
If sold out gets applied to my name
It’s 'cause Dax the brand ain’t available inside the stores
And marked up due to an external mediary force
You wanna hear some more
I got these demons in my head tryna pull me so I’m always playing tug of war
On the edge falling till I grab a bottle
Take it to the head and I pass out and I wake up on the fucking floor
You don’t know the struggle
Shot after shot, thought after thought
Schizophrenic tendencies while grabbing on a mop
Overnight cleaning scrubbing on the same damn spot
Praying for a miracle while looking up to God
Then remembering your broke ass still on the clock
And that 7.25 that you paid ain't enough for a lawyer for the bitch who just called the cops
That type of a struggle
That type of grind, that type of hustle
You couldn't do it, I can see it your eyes
You couldn’t last a fucking day in my shoes and no way you would last a second in my mind
But I digress
See you get bitter in this world when it shows you no respect
A cog in a wheel with a message that’s the algorithm sees but is constantly trying to suppress
Now lets take it back
To historical rap when knowledge reigned supreme and the back was packed
KRS was on the Ones and the twos was stacked with lyrical bomb threats that would boom and bap
Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five
Kool Herc and the Crew that was way 2 live
Sugar hill and the gang with a piece of the pie your toothache if you ain't heard of a rappers delight
You gotta move back can't any erase the classics
This game is a race I’m parked in the field with dinosaurs jurassic
Their fossils fuel my gassing
I'm geologically dripped in this historical fashion
It’s in my bones and structurally built into my rapping
So when you hear me snapping
Just know it would of never happen without pioneers like Kurtis Blow, Ice T, Rakeem Run, DMC, Jay, Nas, EPMD, Ice Cube, LL and Eazy-E
2Pac, Snoop Dogg and B.I.G, Dre, Eminem, 50 and m-m-Many Men
The aftermath is this
The Chronic destruction of beats from an African
Who rams it down your throat to your abdomen
You squares only plant seeds when in madison
My anglican belongs in the Vatican
I Rome beats and i tally more bodies than a priest in the 15th century
To cross me you gon' need christianity
I’m no saint but I'm Melo like Anthony and ball
In a space where my sanity
Tip toes up a hill called calvary where the people preach and blas-phe-my
So I’ve mastered peace
Cause there's no limit to their disrespect
I’d be lion if I said I wasn’t in the den
That last verse is biblical
If that don’t make sense my names Daniel my critical friend
The story told is just beginning as I build suspense and craft my pen into a sword to cut through all this nonsense
I pray you can discern between real fake and motherfucking hater throwing backhand compliments
Still killing instrumentals, I’m instrumental
This periods defined and cycling through menstruals
Bleeding on tracks with the half sharpened pencil
So I had to bridge the gap and embrace it like dental
Cut track at speeds so fast that the tempo
Impacts at frequencies that crescendo
Blow minds then fix and reassemble
And penetrate straight through your mental
It's Dax