Shotta FLooo 69
ErrXr666, Lil Wayne, Eminem, 2Pac, Kanye West, Drake, Lil Uzi Vert, Playboi Carti, Ski Mask the Slump God, XXXTENTACION, YoungBoy Never Broke Again, Scarlxrd, YUNGBLUD, 6ix9ine, Juice WRLD, King Von, Lil Nas X, IShowSpeed
Shotta FLooo 69 lyrics

» Pre-Chorus: Lil Nas X, XXXTENTACION, King Von «

Cocaine and drinkin' with your friends(Ayy)
You live in the dark, boy, I cannot pretend(Ayy)
I'm not fazed, only here to sin(Ayy)
If Eve ain't in your garden, you know that you can(Ayy)

» Chorus: Lil Nas X, XXXTENTACION, Juice WRLD «

Call me when you want, call me when you need(Ayy)
Call me in the morning, I'll be on the way(Yeah)
Call me when you want, call me when you need(Ayy)
Call me out by your name, I'll be on the way like(Evil Twins)

» Verse 1: Eminem «

Lyrics comin' at you at supersonic speed (J.J. Fad)
Uh, summa-lumma, dooma-lumma, you assumin' I'm a human
What I gotta do to get it through to you? I'm superhuman
Innovative and I'm made of rubber so that anything you say is ricochetin' off of me and it'll glue to you and
I'm devastating, more than ever dеmonstrating
How to give a motherfuckin' audiencе a feeling like it's levitating
Never fading, and I know the haters are forever waiting
For the day that they can say I fell off, they'll be celebrating
'Cause I know the way to get 'em motivated
I make elevating music, you make elevator music

» Verse 2: YUNGBLUD «

My hair fell out 'cause I dyed it cheap
I want a real fake smile, but I hate my teeth
I wanna tell you that I love you, but I just can't speak
I got a fucked-up soul and an STD
But do you hate yourself? Well, that's alright
Do you love yourself? Well, that's alright
Do you tell yourself that it's alright
That you dream about the day you die?

» Chorus: Lil Nas X & XXXTENTACION «

Call me when you want, call me when you need(Ayy)
Call me in the morning, I'll be on the way(Yeah)
Call me when you want, call me when you need(Ayy)
Call me out by your name, I'll be on the way like(Ayy ayy)

» Verse 3: XXXTENTACION & Juice WRLD «

Uh, yeah, ayy, suicide if you try to take my drugs
Suicide if you try to take my drugs
Suicide if you try to take my drugs
Homicide, baby, would you hold my gun?
Suicide if you try to take my drugs
Live a lie, look at all the shit you've done, uh
When I fi-fi-fi-fi-fi-fi-fist that bitch (Huh)
I'ma make that booty jiggle like some kick back, bitch (Huh)
She gon' rub my Dragon Balls, let her make one wish (Huh)
What is that? She just wanna take the young dagger dick
Ayy-ayy, ayy-ayy (Huh?), ayy-ayy, ayy-ayy (Huh?)
She off the Molly, she wanna take seven dick (Ayy)
Body to body, it's MC dagger, bitch (Ayy)
Think that I'm Illuminati because I got money, bitch (Like)
Like Ray J, Ray J, Ray J, Ray J (Huh)
Bitch, I hit it first, on my weenie, hit the nae-nae (Huh)
Coming in hot like a missile, pussy, hey bae (Huh)
Falcon punch that nigga, make 'em up, up, and away, ayy (Ayy)
Watch this, uppercut, Super Smash Melee (Ayy-ayy)
I just made her spin on my dick like a Beyblade (Ooh)
I'm green like a spinach, I don't know you, then it's pay, ayy (Ooh)
Hummanah hummana, back fist, out my way, ayy (Ayy)

» Verse 4: Juice WRLD «

I'm on a big ol' farm and its really great
The only thing missing is a couple of slaves
I wish we was back in the good ol' days
Fuck up then fuck up again, yeah
Blow all this cash in the wind, yeah
Ball like Jeremy Lin, yeah
Get it right back times ten, yeah
Told her I just wanna be friends, huh
I just wanna fuck for a minute, hey
Bet I pull her hair when I'm in it, hey
Lay her right there let me hit it, hey
Let's get it, let's get it, let's get it, hey
Ball from the start to the finish, hey
Rodman hair no Dennis, huh
And I'm in her mouth like dentist, hey
Let's get it, let's get it, let's get it, hey
Ball all day no scrimmage, hey
I need green like spinach, hey
Shopping spree new Lenox, hey

» Verse 5: Scarlxrd «

I told my lover goodbye, yah
Sometimes I hope that she dies, yah
I got no tears left to cry, yah
Really gonna blow this time like, ay
I got my foot on the throttle, yah
Drowning my sorrows in bottles, yah
I carry baggage like cargo, hey
Someone please help me I'm not okay
I want the plaques like I'm Dr. Dre
Stunting with jewels like everyday
Your chain looks nice so they confiscate
If I get desperate, I'll rob the safe
I know you wish you were me
I got rich and I finally got money to eat
Shit, I was down for a minute or three
I got scars on the tops and the backs of my feet, ay
Lastly, I know how to breathe

» Verse 6: Kanye West & 2 Chainz «

Let the suicide doors up
I threw suicides on the tour bus
I threw suicides on the private jet
You know what that mean, I'm fly to death
I step in Def Jam buildin' like I'm the shit
Tell 'em gimme fifty million or I'ma quit
Most rappers' taste level ain't at my waist level
Turn up the bass 'til it's up-in-yo-face level
Don't do no press but I get the most press, kid
Plus, yo, my bitch make your bitch look like Precious
Somethin' 'bout Mary, she gone off that molly
Now the whole party is melting like Dalí
Now everybody is movin' they body
Don't sell me apartment, I'll move in the lobby (Yah)
Niggas is loiterin' just to feel important
You gon' see lawyers and niggas in Jordans (2 Chainz)

» Verse 7: Drake & XXXTENTACION «

Demon just got out the can (Yeah)
I gave my bro an advance (Yeah)
Love is just not in my plans
Not even takin' a chance
Studio right in my yaad
I'm doin' ten in a week
How long I been on this streak?
Dream about work in my sleep
Okay, I got a lock on the streets
Shoutout to T, he did three
And he brought it in 'cause of me
You don't know nothin' 'bout me
Life for my bruddas is deep
Long as they all on they feet
Long as they pockets is greaze (Greaze!)
I'm in the penthouse but still, nothin' is sweet (Yeah)
Dust a man down with the pen, it's a sweep (Mmm!)
Taller in person, you'll see when we meet
I heard your new shit and I'm kissin' my teeth
I'm like, "Bitch, who is your mans?" (Ayy)
Can't keep my dick in my pants (Ayy)
My bitch don't love me no mo' (Ayy)
She kick me out, I'm like, "Vro" (Ayy)
That bitch don't wanna be friends (Ayy)
I gave her dick, she amen (Ayy)
She put her tongue on my dick (Ayy)
Look at my wrist, about ten (Ayy)
Just got a pound of the boof (Ayy)
Brought that shit straight to the booth (Ayy)
Tommy my Hilfiger voots (Ayy)
She said, "Wan' fuck?" Bitch, I do (Ayy)
You put a gun on my mans (Ayy)
I put a hole in your parents (Ayy)
I just got lean on my Ksubis (Ayy)
I got a Uzi, no Uzi


I took a white bitch to Starbucks
That little bitch got her throat fucked
I like to rock out, I'm misfit
My emo bitch like her wrist slit
Curly hair bitch like I'm Corbin
Got like three bitches, I'm Mormon
Skeet on your main bitch's forehead
Don't want your pussy, just want head

» Verse 9: YoungBoy Never Broke Again «

Young nigga, rich nigga, I'm a bad bitch getter
Fuck nigga, ho nigga, I don't fuck with broke niggas
Always held my own since I jumped up off the porch, nigga
You ain't know, now you know, nigga, Hi-Tech pour a four, nigga
Carbine it sound like a dump truck (Trra)
Soon as I up, he gon' back up (Boom boom)
She wanna fuck, I'ma smash her (Smash)
He want a verse, I'ma tax him (I'ma tax him)
Say you want smoke, it ain't 'bout nothing
I know that nigga ain't 'bout nothing (He ain't 'bout it)
Bring out the boat when the flood coming
Strapped with a TEC when you pull up on me
17 with four babies, yeah
Lotta money, know they hate me, yeah
One on four, they try to play me, yeah
Shoot his ass right up in here (Pew pew, pew pew)
Diamonds, they shine like a headlight (Shine)
I keep that lil' bitch if her head right
I'ma lay up and fuck on her every night (Every night)
When I'm leavin' I'm headin' straight to the flight (No)
Got a tiger but no I'm not Mike Tyson (Mike Tyson)
Scuff in the club like Fight Night (Fight Night)
I make that lil' ho act right (Act right)
I tell that bitch fuck up my sack right (Bitch)

» Verse 10: Playboi Carti & Jamie Foxx «

Yo, Pi'erre, you wanna come out here? (Woah)
Shooting at these opps (What?)
'Cause I run they block (What?), uh
Give me top (Top), uh, in my drop-top
All these hoes gon' flock (Flock, flock)
When I drop, yeah (Drop, drop)
All these hoes gon' flock (Flock, flock)
When I drop, yeah (Drop, drop)
All these hoes gon' flock (Flock, flock)
When I drop, uh (Drop, drop)
Woo, woo, woo, woo (Beep)
Woo, woo (Beep), woo, woo (Beep)
All these hoes want cash (Cash)
All these hoes want bags, uh
Fucking on your bitch (Beep), uh
I'm her dad (Yeah), uh
All these niggas sound like Cash, sound like Cash (Blah)
I'm a soldier, ooh (What?)
Damn, I thought I told you, ooh (What?)
Shootin' like a soldier, ooh (Beep)
Like I'm from Magnolia, ooh (What?)
All these niggas (What? What?) always fold (What? What?)
Big bank (What? What?) never fold (What?)
I'm sippin' Act' (What?), fill that shit slowly (Hello?)
Bitches on me (What? Beep) say she like my clothing (Yeah)
I'm in London (What?) Yung Carti global (What?)
Designer is on me (Phew) call it dirty laundry (Phew)
All these bitches want Yung Carti (What?), Yung Carti (Yeah)
Ayy, Yung Carti, Yung Carti, what? (Hop in the bit', hop in the bit')
Yung Carti, Yung Carti (What? What? Hold on), yeah
All of your bitches, they loose, hold on
All of your bitches, they loose, hold on (Yeah)
All of my bitches, they rich, hold on
And they stay rockin' that Rick, hold on
(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Uh, what? What? Hold on, what? What? Uh (Yeah)
Rich, rich (Rich)
Cash Carti, bitch (Bitch)
Rich, bitch (Hold on)
Got a rich clique (Hold on)
I'm suckin' on the clit (Hold on)
She suckin' on the dick (Yeah)
Give that ho a tip (Yeah)
Told her, "Buy some kicks" (Kicks)
Ooh, then I brush my teeth (What?)
Hop up in the whip
Glocky in the whip (Skrrt)
Glocky in the whip (Yeah)
And I'm cocky, fuckin' on a thotty
She just wanna plot me, bitch can't stop me (Stop me)
I'm ridin' in a Masi (What? Masi)
This ain't even my Masi (Nah)
Hope that's not your thotty (What?)
Your bitch look like a auntie (What?)
Walked in with Ashanti (What?)
Damn, that look like 'Shanti (What?)
Damn, that look like Carti (Yeah-yeah)
I think that be Yung Carti
Heard he spent a hundred on a fucking watch piece, that's filthy (Phew, what? Woah, woah)

» Verse 11: Lil Wayne «

Uh, pussy-ass nigga, stop hatin'
Lil Tunechi got that fire
And these hoes love me like Satan, man
Yeah, fuck with me and get bodied
And all she eat is dick
She's on a strict diet, that's my baby
With no makeup, she a ten
And she the best with that head
Even better than Karrine
She don't want money
She want the time that we could spend
She said, "'Cause I really need somebody
So tell me you're that somebody"
Girl, I fuck who I want, and fuck who I don't
Got that A1 credit, that's that filet mignon
She said, "I never want to make you mad
I just want to make you proud"
I said, "Baby, just make me cum
Then don't make a sound"
Slick Tunechi

» Verse 12: King Von «

Got a drop on this flexin' nigga, he from Tennessee
I had a thot, she be with the shit, she told me where he be
I said for sure, baby let me know if you wanna eat
She like, "Von, you already know, just put your girl on fleek"
I'm like, "Cool, I can do that, boo, what you want, some shoes?"
"Jimmy Choo? With a handbag, too? Red or baby blue?"
She get to smilin', she ain't used to this 'cause she ain't used to shit
I'm just laughin', coulda been a pimp the way I move my lips
I be speedin', coulda been a driver the way I push the whip
You a ho, coulda been a bitch the way you throw a fit
But fuck that, right back to the script 'cause this a major lick
He got bricks, plus his neck is icy and it match his wrist
Now it's like six, told her hit his phone, meet her in The Wic
But he ain't go, but he ain't that slow, say meet 'em at the store
I'm like cool, let 'em front his move, do what he gon' do
'Cause this the plot, put 'em in the pot, let it cook like stew
I grab my Glock, it been through a lot, but it still shoot like new
We at the top, yeah we lost a lot​, but that just how it go
But check the score, if y'all lose one more, that's 6-24
Let me focus, can't be zoning out, he pullin' up now
He double parked, he ain't getting out, he in that push to start
That new Porsche, it's built like a horse, colors like the fourth
He got a ring, I guess he ain't divorced, wife probably a whore
Now she walk up, she struttin' her stuff, this bitch thick as fuck
Got in the truck, kissed him on his lip, he cuppin' her butt
Now I sneak up, crouching like a tiger, like Snoop off The Wire
Block on fire, so I take precaution, mask on, Michael Myers
I'm on his ass, he finna be mad, he gon' beat her ass
But this what happen, I got to the door, I thought I was cappin'
I was lacking, 'cause there go the opps, yellin' out, "What's crackin'?"
I'm like, "What?" I'm like, "Nigga who?" I was born to shoot
I got aim, I'm like Johnny Dang when it comes​ to chains
So I rise, hit one in his arm, hit one in his thigh, this no lie
Bitch it’s do or die, you said you gon' slide
You got some nerve, your shit on the curb, boy we put in work
From 64th, and from 65th, we not from 63rd

» Chorus: Lil Nas X & XXXTENTACION «

Call me when you want, call me when you need(Ayy)
Call me in the morning, I'll be on the way(Yeah)
Call me when you want, call me when you need(Ayy)
Call me out by your name, I'll be on the way like

» Verse 13: Ski Mask The Slump God «

Fuck on your aunty, your mammy, your daughter
Superman that pussy, she call me father
Pull up she wetter, wetter than a harbor
Ska-da ska-do-do-do with the revolver
Guns hangin' slangin', Billy The Kid
Hash Slinging Slasher, posted in the mist
Gold on my wrist and my dick in my bitch
Monster in the building, Lilo & Stitch
Come up out the pussy like a fade away
Watch me beat the kitty, Ryu, huh
Beat the pussy bald no Caillou, uh
Like a new toy, I might try you
Mojo JoJo, groovy, Austin Powers
Soul in the bowl, bitch, I will devour
I rain terror upon you fuckin' cowards
Might want a feature but—

» Verse 14: 6ix9ine «

Draco got that kick-back when I blow that, they all do track
They don't shoot back, one shot, close range, red dot
Head tight, yeah, I did that, yeah, I live that
Call a Uber with my shooter, with a Ruger, we gon' do ya
Niggas say they killin' people, but I really fuckin' do it

» Verse 15: 2Pac «

First off, fuck yo' bitch and the clique you claim
Westside when we ride, come equipped with game
You claim to be a player, but I fucked your wife
We bust on Bad Boys, niggas fucked for life
Plus, Puffy tryna see me, weak hearts I rip
Biggie Smalls and Junior M.A.F.I.A., some mark-ass bitches
We keep on comin' while we runnin' for your jewels
Steady gunnin', keep on bustin' at them fools, you know the rules
Lil' Caesar, go ask your homie how I'll leave ya
Cut your young-ass up, leave you in pieces, now be deceased
Lil' Kim, don't fuck around with real G's
Quick to snatch yo' ugly ass off the streets, so fuck peace!
I'll let them niggas know it's on for life
Don't let the Westside ride tonight (Hahaha)
Bad Boy murdered on wax and killed
Fuck with me and get yo' caps peeled, you know

» Verse 16: Lil Uzi Vert «

That is not your swag, I swear you fake hard
Now these niggas wanna take my cadence
Rain on 'em, thunderstorm, rain on 'em (Ooh, yeah)
Medicine, lil' nigga, take some (Yeh, yeh)
Fast car, NASCAR, race on 'em
In the club, ain't got no ones, then we would beg them
Clothes from overseas, got the racks and they all C-Notes
You is not a G though
Lookin' at you stackin' all your money, it all green though
I was countin' that and these all twenties, that's a G-roll

» Verse 17: IShowSpeed «

When I hop on this shit, and I'm droppin' a six in the back and I rock my Vans
I get in my chill and I swear to God, admit it, I better not put that on friend
Niggas up wit' a chop where the stick stay
Niggas up wit' a chop on a mean man
Wanna chop, wanna stop, wanna speed?
Nigga, stop what you talk, wanna feel like a bee?
Back wit' a chop, niggas on scare t'day
Rich, I wanna feel like a belay
Rich, I wanna feel like a relay
Jump on that shit and I feel like a relay
Race, race
Niggas is puttin' up stakes, stakes
Niggas on crack, on the bay, bay
Bangin' the D's and I'm fuckin' the delay, choppa, let's play
Ride, ride, ride to the muhfuckin' Vertt, Vertt
Tryna tell me that I'm MCVertt, Vertt
Wanna chop on the top of the cop car
Niggas wan' chop and I feel like a wor-word
Ayy, wanna hop on a jersey?
Niggas on dicks, so I gotta get sturdy
Niggas don't want but I gotta get, buddy
I gotta get dizzy, I gotta get it started
I hop on the chop, running up on the gang
Niggas on dick, man, I feel like the rain
Nigga vibe with a chop, wanna feel like a name?
Wanna chop, wanna feel like a bang?
Bang, bang, bang
Bang my speed, speed, speed
Makin' you see, see, see
Like fuck do you mean, mean, mean?
Back in the grade, didn't know what to do
Niggas O.D. but I bump in the stu' (Ah)
But I'm on my step, when I walk in the crew
Like fuck it, you know, what the chop gonna do
And I'm screaming out "Speed gang!"
Nah, nigga, Speed gang!
Wanna hop on this shit
Want to chop with a feel
Man, I'm feeling like a rename (What? What?)
I feel like gorilla, my nigga, my trues are now really now fuller than niggas, I feel like a bed (Arf, arf, arf, arf, arf, arf, arf, arf)
Put in more cheese I'm not built like a bitter nigga, shoot better Sure about who did you shoot, like what? (Arf, arf, arf, arf, arf, arf, arf)
Like what? Like What? (Arf, arf, arf, arf)
I said now it's what (Arf, arf, arf, arf, arf, arf)
Now what, Now what, what, what, what? (Arf, arf, arf, arf, arf, arf)