» Intro «

Shoutout to Tyler (Shout Out, Shout Out)
Igor, This Friday (Shout Out, Shout Out)
Yeah (Shout Out, Shout Out)

» Chorus «

I said
Don’t feel the pain until it hurts boy
Hurts now you need church boy
Don’t care ‘less it’s work boy
What was all it worth for?
What was all it worth for?

» Verse 1 «

People feel the pain and no one wants to help a brother
They always stuck in a jam I’m out here rapping Smuckers
Butterflies gotta flutter, cause we gotta find our wings right
Camera shy don’t shutter, her skin’s made of thin ice
I could go too long cause I’m too strong
My bars are too hard for Mars ask Armstrong
When I spit it I spit shit like spinach Popeye I’m arm strong
Daniel with the New Roses my flow is too fast for you
Red roses too, Lou’ Armstrong, singin’ blues who are you
I’m the man with plans so high need a plane to view
Weigh you down like I’m 482 pounds
But I’m wise like 82 so I can see through you now, uh
Now this is just a teaser
This is just a show-off, feeling good and I’ve been fiending
I’m like a wolf!
And tonight the full moon is gleaming
This is just a warning so when I’m ready I’m never leaving, uh

» Chorus «

Don’t feel the pain until it hurts boy
Hurts now you need church boy
Don’t care ‘less it’s work boy
What was all it worth for?
What was all it worth for?
I said
Don’t feel the pain until it hurts boy
Hurts now you need church boy
Don’t care ‘less it’s work boy
What was all it worth for?
What was all it worth for?

» Verse 2 «

I’m fighting aliens and zombies
3001: A Laced Oddesy
R.I.P. to David Bowie
A Space Oddity
A Blackstar and that’s where I’m outta be
Not the one on boulevard but like a spaceship
And all the problems are erasing
And there ain’t no competition so there ain’t no racing
No one to race with, no more fucking racists
I’m talking bout a different mindstate, Rainbow Roads are the only races
Now I may have got too preachy so let me turn on the TV and see the things, my demons are feasting
I watch a new shooting while kids learn a lesson
Or a man being shot by the man who protect us
You can call me Frozone
I’m shining so bright my UV’s break the ozone
This shit sounds so homegrown, E.T. can’t phone home
You can never catch up cause I’m too far gone
But when I bring this shit back
And snap this shit in half
And snap back to reality
Call me Marshall Math
I just hope that I’m fast
Fast enough to get past
Past is left in the dust
And the dust settles
And the best medals, go to the hardest workers
The ones who do everything to see their family workless
Cause they’ve worked so hard they can have what they need
Cause they know demons will starve if theirs nothing to feed
There seems to be a need for speed when you make it big
Anxiety of failure comes with one big hit
Not talking lighting a cig, or a hit record, I’m talking about crumbling under the weight of the pressure

» Verse 3 «

Uh, I’m alleviated no need to battle jihad
Just abbreviate it, say that I’m a god
How long can one go for, until they start their own war
And somebody slips and dies on their own sword
People expect me to pick the speed up
But I’m a bit slow carrying the team up
And when I say team I’m talking about the rap game
So here are all the reasons why your raps lame
Y’all always talk about the same thing
Steal the things from mainstream
You got the batting average of a swing and a miss
I could rap better taking a piss
My bars are like Alcatraz to hard to encrypt it, (ooo)
And all you motherfuckers actin like you on some crip shit, (yeah)
You some misfits, want to be like your idols
But you ain’t original so you just ride the tidal wave. (they be ridin’)
But soon enough the waves gonna end, now you’re stranded
This is where One Hit Wonders are standing
Somewhere in the ocean too far for a lifeboat
Starting new life like a zygote...
I know!
This rap shit I’m the best
If you took this to the heart, you need a bulletproof vest
Cause these shots were softer than Nerf rounds
The closest you’ll ever get from the ones that you rap ‘bout
But there’s no hard feelings I’m just a ge-ni-us
I give the best wishes call me a genie uh
But I ain’t got no time for fairy tales so quit it with that Rumpelstiltskin
And I doubt that you’re fire call me Robin Williams
One day my raps will sell tics like I’m Robert Williams
And my fam will never worry when I’m making millions
I want to be like Kid Cudi saving millions of children
Yeah that’s the lifestyle I wanna be livin’
I’m a prism in a box, waiting to shine!
And what isn’t is not what’s on my mind
I could never stop rapping until I run out of time
So align my stars like constellations in the sky
Cause shit that’s good is never forever
I would never pull a trigger I would never let her
What are people trapped for trap doors only open when you pull the lever
My raps are so premium I’m feeling like Saks Fitfth
You know that they’re leaving em’ cause you know that I’m snapping
You know that I’m leaving Em like D-12 quitting rapping
Kneel to me and call me your majesty
When Tragedy comes imma miss my homie Pimp C
Master P I’m rapping like it’s a mastery
So I’ll Mazda zoom-zoom let the fumes bloom
Meet you at the rendezvous