Serenity in Murder
Jedi Mind Tricks
Serenity in Murder

» Hook «

"Everything is real I see"
"A lot of rappers out here actin' with no movie roles"
"It's not a fluke, it's been tried, I'm the truth"
"We been adored for keepin' it raw"
"Everything is real I see"
"A lot of rappers out here actin' with no movie roles"
"It's not a fluke, it's been tried, I'm the truth"
"We been adored for keepin' it raw"

» Verse 1: Vinnie Paz «

Yeah, yeah, I'm a terrorist threat, burn in Hell where the devil is kept
How can we be powerful with incredible debt?
Dump the clip, hittin' you from your head to your neck
I creep with the silencer, leave you dead where you slept
I'm as vicious with the right or the left
And I stand behind my people if it's life or it's death
A knife in the chest, that's the way that we do
But if I was you, I'd be concerned about the avian flu
I pray that you do, but you ain't listen before
You ain't listen when I told you 'bout my visions of war
My system is pure, trap you like a prisoner's war
Anyone who ever met me say my liver is poor
Whoever met me say they dig my rapport
Say that he the only one who ain't a dick on the tour
Kick in the door, with my vodka, believe that
And hand Warchild all the blunts and the weed sack
Fuckin' worm, yeah

» Hook-Vocal samples «

» Verse 2: Vinnie Paz «

Yeah, you like Napoleon Bonaparte
I throw a dart and blow your bones apart
The lonely part's when you fallin' like you Owen Hart
My fuckin' soul is dark, I wouldn't wish it on you
I wouldn't wish any of my mental conditions on you
I just wish that y'all would leave me for dead
Wish that I would go away and fall asleep in my bed
I'm lethal instead, but I supposedly thrived
Anyone or anything that got too close to me died
Supposed to be live, fuck it, I'm supposed to be king
'Pose to murder everything like an associate of Ming
Listen, I ain't takin' your word, man
Just give me all the "Cash Money" like Birdman

» Hook «

» Verse 3: Vinnie Paz «

Yeah, another holy verse, never listen to what's told in church
My soul immersed in a statue that's as old as earth
I'm fuckin' Odin's curse, the living eight man
Calculate Infinity with Dillinger Escape Plan
I would walk on the Arabian with grey sand
And heal the sickness of the people where I laid hands
I was there when they created the Christ
When the Romans in Judea took the Pagan's advice
I hate what I'm like, hate that I'm afraid of the light
Hate that everyone who love me always hate what I like
Hate that everywhere I go, I get engaged in a fight
Hate that everything I say is just evasive and trife
Enraged with a knife, I don't care who I slice
I could walk into the woods and kill a bear with my mic
I'm here with my mic, fear me and be careful at night
Cause Vinnie vicious like a motherfucking werewolf at night
I'm a beast, baby

» Hook «

Sarit Hadad - שרית חדד – Ata Ha\'or - אתה האור Sarit Hadad - שרית חדד – Ein Gvul La\'ahava - אין גבול לאהבה Sarit Hadad - שרית חדד – Ktzat Meshuga\'at - קצת משוגעת Sarit Hadad - שרית חדד – Bachom Shel Tel Aviv - בחום של תל אביב Sarit Hadad - שרית חדד – Hakol Sagur - הכל סגור Sarit Hadad - שרית חדד – Kochavim Shel Ahava - כוכבים של אהבה Sarit Hadad - שרית חדד – Kame\'a - קמע Sarit Hadad - שרית חדד – Melech Harechov - מלך הרחוב Sarit Hadad - שרית חדד – Elem Meshage\'a - עלם משגע Sarit Hadad - שרית חדד – Ahava Bli Sikuy - אהבה בלי סיכוי Sarit Hadad - שרית חדד – Al Tevakesh Mish\'alot - אל תבקש משאלות Sarit Hadad - שרית חדד – Hayom Hayom - היום היום Sarit Hadad - שרית חדד – Tni Lo Et Halev - תני לו את הלב Sarit Hadad - שרית חדד – Mal\'achey Shamayim - מלאכי שמים Sarit Hadad - שרית חדד – Im Tohav Oti - אם תאהב אותי Sarit Hadad - שרית חדד – Tihiye Li Rosh Hamemshala - תהיה לי ראש הממשלה Chilla – Cauchemars 4lung – Bathtub Wine Barf Homicide Fantasy Lahakat Hanachal - להקת הנח''ל – Besimla Aduma - בשמלה אדומה Lahakat Hanachal - להקת הנח''ל – Shalva - שלווה Flower Face – Maybe RM4E – RAP Gabriel Kahane – The Hazelnut Tree 4lung – Saint of Decay Quixx III – Inner conflicts Xronos – SIMP BITCH Carter Vail – Kafka Ramriddlz – Delirious 44Miles – Die Slow Chebrolet – RENAULT 12