Let's Get It Started
KD4LWB, Kenzo Balla, TG Crippy
Let's Get It Started

» Intro: KD «

Skeet gang
Free Blizzy, bitch
Y'all know where we be
Like, why niggas stealin' my shit?
Y'all know where we be
Yeah, yeah

» Verse 1: KD «

Don't run, don't trip
Droppin' the hat in this bitch
Niggas be sayin' it's up and it's lit
Like, why niggas stealin' my shit?
Big .40 kickin', don't wanna get hit
Kenzo the makk, but the Glock got a switch
If he a drilly, we takin' that risk
He bunny hop, catchin' bullets like Vic'
Where he at? Go get back
Nigga, stop puttin' my name in your tracks
With the Skeets, and the Makks
When you see me, you better move tact'
Nigga, stop droppin', y'all niggas is wack
Spin off a perc, tryna' make me a pack
Smokin' on Rah, he be havin' me smacked
Bitch, I'm a Skeet, so why would I lack?
Top Skeet, I'm with Trap
And I'm with B's, that's unlimited straps
She wanna fuck, so I hit from the back
Fuck all the opps, they gon' die where they at
Bitch, I'm a Skeet, we don't fuck with the hats
They ain't outside, gotta wait until they back

» Verse 2: Kenzo Balla «

Okay now, let's get it started
I'm percolated, and I'm lookin' for every target
If I catch em', then I'ma park em'
You jackin' the opps, so we boomin' at you
What the fuck is these niggas gon' do?
Droppin' the hat, while I'm packin' the 2
You try to run up, I'm clappin' at you
Still in the V with the strap in my shoe
Niggas foo, they keep rappin' and cappin', but they ain't never make a move
And it's true, I've been mackin', but don't make me put a nigga on the news
I'm with KD, we totin' on Stacy
Bitch, I'm a demon, can't nobody tame me
Too official, they never could play me
Call up my Skeets, we gon' spin on a daily
And this knocker gon' blow like an AC
Bitch, I'm a don, wonder why they hate me
Send .23 shots where his face be
And we uppin' more chops cause we too sleaze
Been on four, tryna' catch us a whoopty
I'm flock, flock at your kufi
Spin the T, tryna' catch us like 2 Gz
I just got a choppa, it got a new beam
Like what? Bro, dump
Grab this bitch, and throw her in the trunk
Hit em' up, then roll em' in a blunt
If he bend through the back, I'm going through the front
We gon' show niggas how to make movies
Niggas telling, and that's where they lose me
I'm off the drugs, it got me feelin' moody
I'm a handyman, I keep a toolie
And I'm uptown, so my knocks out
They know Chase gon' clear the whole block out
We gon' run down, we gon' hop out
Take him out the picture, get him cropped out
I don't got the chop, he getting boxed out
We gon' put in work and make em' clock out
And you know we spinnin' if the opps out
Never did shit, they just dissin' us for the clout
Yo TG, who that?
Send a few shots and leave him where he at
We them niggas really movin' tact'
Shots to his stomach, it come out his back
Sending .62 shots with the Makks
My body different when I'm off a flat
EBK, we gon' leave it like that, like

» Verse 3: TG Crippy «

Mr. Movie Maker, I'on know bout' clips
Tell the opps they can suck my dick
Pop a perky, got a nigga lit
Run down, blitzin' niggas on they strip
EJ dumpin', flockin' out the whip
Lil G too sturdy when he copped the grip
Told my momma that this how I live
Backin' out the grip, takin' niggas shit
I was down bad, just wanted to win
Kenzo beaming, that's really my twin
D's on my dick, so I gotta move proper
And they know that I'm totin' the knocker
Can't lack, won't lack
First nigga front, getting took off the map
When I'm in the V, gotta keep that strap
I ain't tryna' go out like y'all niggas in cabs
YGK, and I'm OYK, and I'm LVK, niggas know where I'm at
Who that? He better not lack
As soon as he do, he get turned into a pack
I'ma beat up the opps that got
Move tact', don't need you to go with me
myself, got the pole on my lap
DOA, GBG, 06 fifth, , niggas know where I'm at
Still movin' tact', cause I'm the trending topic
Niggas hatin' on me they be watchin'
Kenzo gon' flock it if I tell him flock it
That's my brother, I know that he ridin'
KD with me, he ride with knocks
This blick gon' blick em' if he movin' wocky
Love my niggas for them, I'm flockin'
All I need is my brother, I'm flockin'
Spin through the well to see where I'm flockin' at
Lotti got poked, now that boy in a pack, like
Tell em' niggas get back
Ayo, Keem, why the fuck is you dissin' me?
If I catch you in traffic, now you history

» Outro: KD & TG Crippy «

Y'all know where we be
Grrah-grrah, boom
Niggas be talkin' a whole lotta skeet
Gang, gang, gang
Niggas be talkin' a whole lotta skeet
Y'all know where we be
Every opp shot, pussy