Montana Of 300 Gremlin Remix
Gremlin (Remix) lyrics

» Intro «

Too legit
Yeah, we could be superstars
We been rather wreckin' cars (Rap God album out right now, man, that bitch went number one)
What is at stake for us? (Independent, man, shout-out that boy Kodak, man, fuck with me)
Kickin' off power mirrors
We was local superstars (Yeah, we could be superstars)
Mixtapes goin' super hard (But I'm pretty sure our time is up)
As we grew up, we grew apart (And so we fell off the spinning tops)
Still took over my crew to Mars (Don't know, maybe for trial)

» Verse «

One day, I ran into the Narcs
I still found my way through the dark
I'm uno when they view the charts
Play guilt, see, I put truth in bars
If any famous rapper
Ever play with me, I'm shootin' stars
Pull up, throw the coupe and park
No blow torch, this tool will spark
On beats, I'm a gremlin
These rappers be tremblin'
I'ma prob, every bar the cringin
Some lack comprehension
Word to God, pop up in his hood
Ain't lookin' for no engine
I'm inside, catch fam on the couch
And show him like the Simpsons when I slide
Turn his clothes to Crimson, pistol whip him senseless with this rode
Extensions in attendance , poppin' like it's trendin', let it ride
Turn with tools, that's wrenches, hoes gettin' lit like Insents , he gon' die
Wreck up many siblings, make 'em pay with entries, oh my God
I done been accused of some things
I ain't gotta prove, not a thing
Fliest killer you've ever seen
I just bought a tool with a beam
New choppa came with two magazines
It go badaboom, badabing
Wack you and every goon on your team
Put the blick up to 'em, let 'em sing
Family 'bout they tune while they sing
They got barbecue, give 'em wings
Woke up, never snoozed on my dreams
Hulk up in the mood for the green
I'm number one, two, three, four, five
'Cause it ain't no room in between
She can keep her eyes off the prince
Shawty said she knew I'm a king
Forgot her man, she say I'm flyer than 'em
I done got her smooth out her jeans
Pipe will turn his boo to a fein
I bet her eyes glued to the screen
His bitch on my Johnson
Rub it in like lotion
Can't slide my wood in hoes
Without using that Trojan
Lost a couple homies
But never lost focus
Snap out like hypnosis
My lines is the dopest
How you a grown ass man with kids
But, bitch, you trollin'?
It ain't shit to leave this rap
To get on bull like I'm D. Rosin'
Bitch, I'm from the jets
We step on shit like roaches
I'm in yo' yard with choppas
Bitch, don't think I'm mowing
His head, I put a hole in
Drop mo' shit than Collins
Pop 'em like ibuprofen
Pill out, bitch, we rollin'
I'm not spittin' I’m barfing I mean fire, that's aroson
These niggas soft like Charmin
And let's get it on, no Marvin
I got you rappers scared as Gizmo
Pockets fat like Lizzo
Yeah, they sick, feel they fuckin' stomach
Get the Pepto Bismol
Big extendo in his fizzle
I might let it blizzle
When I start sendin', it ain't Venmo
Bitch, you know my ammo
Just play your part, this ain't no demo
I'll get stressed like limbo
Smack this shit out you with this pistol
Slice yo' shit like Kimbo
When sticks start blowin', bitch, that's endo
Brain splat on his pillow
I'm always armed, you know the deal
Bitch, call me armadillo
Bitch, I'm bishop shootin'
Let off gyal in Riverside
Your family weep a river, cry
don't sympathize
I don't give a fuck if it was halftime
I ain't switchin' sides
My gun go off, it's takin' souls
Tape around, I'll finish line
Don't get around, we stand around
Them heaters like it's winner time
Whenever I remix some shit
Bitch, every time is dinner time (Ah-ah)

» Chorus «

Don't think 'cause I'm a superstar
That I won't come creep through yo' yard
Somebody better pray for you
I just put a switch on a blick
Don't think 'cause I'm a superstar
That I won't come creep through yo' yard
But now it's too late for you
I just put a switch on a blick

» Outro «

Yeah, we could be superstars
But I'm pretty sure our time is up
So we fell off the spinning tops
Don't know, maybe for trial, but way more error