Black Rock
Namir Blade, Joell Ortiz, Stalley, Solemn Brigham
Black Rock lyrics

» Verse 1: Joell Ortiz «

Hear that chopper—hear that chopper—
Hear that chopper ring, and then I—
Yeah, right; y'all know that ain't my thing
Boy, I sold crack rock with Blacklock
Turn back blocks into black ops
Stuntin', turn big Willies into have-nots (Yuh)
If you get shot, man, it's a hour before Matlock
And them show up, if your rent late
Then they padlockin' yo door up (C'mon)
My come up was ugly, store trips colorful money
Four-fifths huggin' the tummy, warships, nothin' was funny
That Brooklyn borough is thorough
Over bitches, Bengals they throw bullets like Burrow
And put you in the ground like you burrowed
Then spin your block again just to make all that murder shit plural
I can't believe I made it, like sperm that's supposed to be stеrile
But here I am and my words arе certainly fertile
A twist of the wrist, your favorite artist turns into a mural
Y'all wearin' dresses and purses, dressin' in Birkins, fam
I put a cap in that gown, pop and circumstance

» Verse 2: Namir Blade «

I can tell you ain't from 'round that
Tell your favorite rapper that I want my sound back
(On God) My niggas can't allow that
We hop up in the whip and pull up where your house at
With the loud strap
We dem Browns, where you found that?
Unannounced, bitch
Keep the pace, then we bounce (Hoo)
Niggas off-priced, so much cap it's astoundin'
East Side nigga run amok in your township
Back in that lab again
Back on yo ass again, I bagged and tagged
Then whip through Madison, now East Afghanistan
We murked 'n' skrrt, do dirt like Zatarain's
I been so adamant, so cold like avalanche
I go by Babalam, in my bag again
Mo' moolah, mo' problems, go crazy
, headshot 'em, red-dot 'em
Fed-watchin', two Os
tunnel under just like I'm El Chapo
Back up on my bullshit
Me no send no stance, bitch, you get a full clip (Huh)
Whole squad on some bullshit
This that churches
Pulpit, you fuckin' with a cool kid
Loose deuce clique, small room full of goons
Could become a tumor, a nuisance
Fuck a shed, my dawgs come with a toolkit
They act a fool with
All my dreamers be elusive, I need the whole team

» Verse 3: Stalley «

Cold-blooded, I been hunted by a slew o' niggas
Body bags, toe tags, how I do it, niggas
Shotgun with a blue rag out the window then we blew on niggas
Ridin' round all night until the sky done went light blue on niggas
Yeah, we up (yeah, we up), yeah, son, we up (yeah, son, we up)
Shinin' like the '90s, jewels is truck
I got the rope-link with the boat anchor
Outside, I don't know danger
Hang around like a coat hanger
Still slidin', I throw fingers
Press the issue (press the issue)
If a nigga's ridin' wit' you
Then they leavin' wit' you (then they leavin' wit' you)
If you owe me, then you pay me
I don't miss a nickel (I don't miss a nickel)
I'm a fuckin' symbol (fuckin' symbol)
My checkbook on Steve Ballmer
I'ma do what I want, don't believe karma
Hit the lot, get a new whip
Drop the top, then bleed on 'em (skrrt)
Niggas talkin' like they cold as shit
I ain't never seen a sneeze on 'em
I cough up another brick
Build a house, new keys on 'em
That's another mansion in North Georgia
While niggas goin' on foreclosure
That M3 my fourth order
Yeah, I got a lake out back, I'm sittin' on 50 (acres, acres)
If you said I wouldn't make it, y'all just (haters, haters)
And we don't pay attention to none of that
Y'all pocket-watchin' and clock-clockin'
We sittin' right where the numbers at
We quarterbackin', we play-callin'
We hand it off then run it back
We foresees in the Four Seasons
White winters and summers black
Now how the fuck they gon' handle that?
I came for the whole thing
I know you ain't expected that

» Verse 4: Solemn Brigham «

Hold the work, need to skrrt
Hold the cheese, need to bail
Clean the gun, clean the funds
Clean my hands, clean the scale
Do my dirt, at the dance, ain't tryna flirt
Hit my mans, came home to first
Watch the feds, don't overlook
Hit the bed, but I can't right now
Same oldheads try to take me down
Tears so high, while the pay so low
Everybody here wanna get a good play
Tell 'em Brigham on four, better pray for the down
Still got a plug on payroll
Whole team make move when I say so
I'ma run the whole game on my grandmama chain
We done put a block up but it still came down
Slay me now, let me live
Heal me love, look me down, be my judge
Gangsta is as gangsta does
I got fans, they can't tell I'm just a man
Needed love, be my drugs, need my buzz
I don't plan, just show up, ayo
God, don't give what you can't, ho
I just met a bad thang, she stable
Now she mad that the crib gotta lay low
That's the life that you get with a playa, doe
Same band, never know when I get home
Fed up but we both wanna let go
Had to put in on chill like a leftov'
Coulda seen it all comin' from the get-go
Ayo, I know they run up (know they run up)
I roll up every moment
Hit the show like, "What up?" (show like what up)
I know they want us
Gunna eatin' carbonadas (carbonadas)
I know you need the ponies
I could float if you want it
Ayo, ayo, I know you better
I know you won't get on it, no one told you better (told you better)
My ponies and my homies live too close together (close together)
Got lamb but I don't live on and say my prayer but for the moment
Hold the peace, know the streets
Clear the air from my ass
Guard your coupe, flip the mat when I stash the loot
Won't show the world, head to turf
Break your legs, don't overwork
Just as fam can't know for cert'
Papa's gone, I ain't take it personal
Might get blown, I gotta feed the Earth
Flash the chrome, don't be a jerk
Once you're gone, you can't watch your tone
Rep the game, y'all know the perks
Catch the blame, y'all know the curse
Cops try to get me but I ran the first
Blue check, no stimmy, but it still gon' work
Life no gimme, but the wheel gon' turn
Tryna make it from the red to the endzone
(Endzone, endzone, endzone, endzone, endzone, endzone, endzone, endzone, endzone)