Super Gremlin (Remix)
Super Gremlin (Remix)

» Intro «

Too legit
Nobody in the world shoots their inner dreams
Yet we have a so-called world that pretends that's positive, that wants to uplift our voices
But let you not fall in line with the masses, let you have your own individual dream, your own individual goals
The world wants you to be a sheep
Shoutout to the people like Upchurch who are proud of where they come from

» Verse 1 «

Nowadays I’m a trendsetter
Dixieland's own go-getter
Beat every opponent to a fuckin' pulp
Then sеll records and make action figures
Look at еverything I’ve fuckin' done
Country cousin and I'm on the run
Got a Gatlin' gun standin' in the front
On the battlefield, all the pressure's fun
Chevy full of blue-collar grunts
I'm that white boy with a fax machine
So many flows, I bought a submarine
With a microphone by the front seat
Whole game lookin' like Halloween
Knockin’ at my door sayin’, "Trick or Treat"
But I'm stickin’ needles in they Laffy Taffy
So they choke when they all go to sleep
And I ain't got time to read no tweets
I'm thirty-one, leadin' all the races
Hillbilly from a chicken farm
Kool-Aid sweet and they all hate it
No blueprint that got me here
Missin’ teeth on these beats, for real
Independent, tellin' independents
"Independents don't ever sign a deal"
There's a crock of shit, wearin' Crocs
Let's cruise around your block
Waitin' on you like a payday
But will pop you like 2Pac
There's a master plan that ain't yours
And they'll pitch it to you like it's T-ball
I don't play unless it's ground level
Tell 'em get the fuck up off my seesaw, I done seen it all

» Bridge «

I love what he's sayin' because the simple fact is they say it
A lot of times they... a lot of times people will project they fears and insecurities on you and sayin' you can't do somethin'
That "No" is a next step to a "Yes"
If you keep takin' rejection, nigga, you already rejected yourself, because you are the rejection
Let's get it straight, you feel me?

» Verse 2 «

I work hard, they blame hard drugs
Say I won't shoot, 'cause I ain't a thug
But fuck with somethin' I care about
See if TBI don't pick me up
Murder on my mind if you interrupt
Then my pen be a see me for real, brrrtt
Millionaires pullin' up
Facebook Marketplace automobiles
And I got toe tags for these old hags
There ain't no vag, it's a close match
My drive for music is a first love
With a ring on it, don't forget the rap
Since I've been smashin' the game
These enemies usin' my name
To sound important when everybody know
You really, really, really ain't
I'm on some everybody gettin' spanked
Click record and go make a tape
Yeah, me fuckin' you couldn't even fuck you
Viagra views, you 'gon pop too
And scream Upchurch to the bank, haha
So much genius in my balls and penis
Went from broke as shit to sold-out arenas
You can call me racist if you want to
I'm still gettin' jammed by hot Latinas
Walk up in the club, holdin' margaritas
Haters want me dead like I was Selena Club
Wanna bring in all the fuckin' mota
And he know we ain't rollin' no regina
Yeah fuck a beat, I don't even need it
'Cause I'm in the game and I'm never leavin'
Got my roots from the very start
And now I'm in season and I started seedin'
On a spot, you can say I'm deeded
No cap, I ain't scared of bleedin'
Always aimin' at the very top
So my enemies hairline recedin'

» Outro «

A hundred percent, one hundred percent I would fuckin' hang out with him, and go out for coffee with him
Because he's fuckin' cool
Finding cool people like that, I don't even know, like
And he's original, you know what I mean?