Die Under the Moon
Yung Bleu, John Legend
Die Under the Moon lyrics

» Verse 1: Yung Bleu «

He put his life in words, shine brighter than jewels
To the point when you feeling stronger than Clase Azul
You niggas softer than pillows
Deep in the trenches where niggas whip it like Willow
Turn your wife to a widow, uh
This money tend to turn a real nigga to weirdos
My shit harder than dildos
I'm in drill mode, one-shot kill mode
'Fore this rap shit it was hard hats and steel toes
But I still rose
I'm at dinner up in Melrose (Hey)
With two bad bitches, rubbin' on my earlobes
We probably never rub elbows
He ain't in my salary cap
Niggas say they gеttin' money, but I'm callin' it cap (Hey, hey)
Oh, look what wе done
We took a bad situation and made it gravy
He got twenty years, it was drug-related
And he took the plea deal
That goes to show just how much the system hate us
How come nobody congratulate us?
We will make it out the slums (Uh)
And we come from duckin' hunnid round drums (Uh)
And the school system treat us like we dumb (Hey)
That's why I'm the hallway
Eighth grade, I was trappin' in the hallway (Uh yeah)
Yeah, I was just in puberty
I was tryna rule my whole community (Mm-hmm)
And do this rap shit for you and me (You and me)
Damn, I was on the "get the whole clique rich" (Clique)
You was on that "get rich quick shit" (Quick)
Hangin' with them niggas I ain't mix with (Mix)
Playin' both sides, be realistic (Uh)
How you not gon' get hit with that hit stick, nigga?

» Interlude: Yung Bleu «

And this shit deeper than words, shit deeper than words

» Verse 2: Yung Bleu «

Deeper than just rap
Covered in ice, you'll think I sponsored a meth lab
Uppin' the price, on a private jet, I got jet lag
I spit the shit that gon' hit your heart like a chest pass
And I got love for the streets, but I couldn't stay there (I couldn't stay)
I told him wherever he play, he gotta lay there (He gotta lay)
I got some niggas dead and gone, I took a whole 'nother path
Came home from my first mission, took a blood bath
Ran up a ticket like a citation
I'm probably quiet 'cause I'm just checkin' niggas' vibrations
Came back to buss it down with them project babies
Back when we was robbin' everybody but the candy lady
I remember beefin' with my cousin, that's my nana baby (Fuck 'em)
Shit crazy
Anybody cross you (Fuck 'em)
No family support so I was feelin' like a foster
Nobody talk about the wins and the losses no more
They only love you when you up, but it's too late for that
Killed my lil' brother, just be patient, you gon' pay for that
I heard they tryna catch me on the phone and build a case with that
They caught him slippin', now he on that shit, that blood would lace with that

» Chorus: Yung Bleu & John Legend «

Die under the moon
(And when we die, and when we die)
Die under the moon
(I hope that we die under the moon)
If we die
Die under the moon
(Under the clouds, under the stars, dyin')
And when we die, die under the moon (Die under, with a smile)
Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh
Die under the moon

» Outro: John Legend «

Thank God for the ups and downs
Thank God that you came around
Thank God that I'm here right now (Here right now)
Thank God for the highs and lows
Thank God for "Oh-no-nos"
Closed doors and the dead-end roads
Thank God, thank God, thank God, thank God
Thank God, thank God, thank God, thank God
Deeper than words, they take me to church
Bruises and burns, they make me stronger
Make me stronger, make me stronger
(Stronger, ooh, woo)
Woo, ooh-ooh, ooh
Thank God, thank God, thank God, thank God
Thank God, thank God, thank God, thank God
Thank God
Yeah, yeah